Why Digital Screen Protection Is Mandatory For Your Vision Today?

Living a high-paced life in a modern era comes at the cost of deteriorating our health. We look around and do not observe that in various ways our eye-health is taking a dip, with reason being digital entertainment. In a world where everyone is interconnected digitally, the fate of maintaining a stable vision has been blurred. The question is: why digital screen protection is mandatory and to what extent does it protect the efficiency of your eyes? Read on blue cut lenses and induct digital screen protection on your next pair of glasses. 

Interesting Stats - The Digital Screen Protection

Finding which appliance or the gadget affects your eyes with blue rays by what ratio is impossible. However, an ideal breakdown of their usage is apparent to their effect on the vision:

Television 76% Usage Ratio
Mobile Phones 69% Usage Ratio
Laptop 57% Usage Ratio
Video Consoles 20% Usage Ratio


Empower Your Vision - The Digital Screen Protection
1) Multiple Device Protection

The competitive advantage that digital screen protection holds is the protection over multiple devices. For instance: laptops, mobile-phones, computers and other digitally empowered appliances. It means that a single pair is sufficient to work your heart out during the day. Moreover, as we age, we become more prone to developing macular degeneration to which the blue cut lenses respond effortlessly with the blocking potential. Be it mobile phone surfing amid the dim lights or prolong hours of entertainment on the TV, the digital screen protection ensures that your eyes aren’t affected.  

2) Shields From The Digital Eye Strain

The main concern which draws in from the digital eye strain is that it’s caused to people working 2-3 hours at a stretch. That’s right, numerous syndromes may form and develop over time when it comes to the blue light destruction. For example: blurry vision, digital eye strain, eye-redness and severe headaches are reported in the scenario of individuals. The blue-cut lenses or digital screen protection comes into action as the savior and stops the hazardous light which intensifies retina with sheer burden. 

3) Regulars Sleeping & FIghts AMD

Although, it’s essential to stop using blue-light fueled devices before hitting the sack, still, the digital screen protection changes the way it affects your eyes and in turn, regulates your sleeping pattern. As not every blue light exposure is harmful, it can be altered to our benefit. Moreover, the age-related macular degeneration can be controlled or completely taken care of with the blue-cut lenses. The earliest sign of suffering from macular degeneration is the blurry vision which gradually makes the retina ineffective.

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