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About Us:

Eyeglasses PK (www.eyglasses.pk) is a trusted entity in the customs of eyeglasses and sunglasses with operations initiated and registered in 2004, in Karachi, Pakistan. Originally, the company embraced functionality in 2002-2003 with an international flair. With an unparallel vision & uncompromising commitment to cater to the Eye Care needs, Eyeglasses PK has revolutionized the price paradigm of the eyeglasses whilst reforming the buying trends of this segment.

Understanding that Eye Care is a basic right for all, the company has remained consistent in bringing premium eyewear products to its worldwide customer-base. Eyeglasses PK is a prominent name in the Discounted Prescription Eyeglasses industry, offering a complete suite of optical solutions such as Prescription Eyeglasses, Sunglasses and the fashionably-assorted Designer Eyewear.

Our Team:

Eyeglasses PK is comprised of optical specialists to ensure that every product is manufactured with superb quality standards which intrinsically reflects our global experience in the eyewear industry. Through backward & forward integration (designing, manufacturing and the distribution of glasses), Eyeglasses PK offers the most in-demand collection of the discounted prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses with massive savings online.

Our Mission:

We proudly confess that the company’s mission is at the heart of planning, plotting and delivering quality eyewear products. Furthermore, It is to embark on a journey where acquiring eye vision is made conveniently available to every individual under affordable, unchanged prices. With that, we work diligently to let our products capture a new avenue of quality, be it prescription eyeglasses, sun-glasses or the self-crafted lenses, all dispersing the essence of the original traction i.e. to make eye vision an affordable commodity.


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