What to do if you lose your spectacles

You can lose or break your spectacles at some point in life whether you are going for vacations or break your spectaclby accident. Then comes the pain of getting your eyes examined again for your prescription details or getting that exact same pair of spectacles that you are used to.



Here are some tips to help you through if for any case you lose or break your spectacles:

One of the most common ways to lose your spectacles is by keeping them inside your pocket. People often make this mistake when they remove them for doing an activity or going somewhere. Always remember that glasses are more secure on your face than hanging inside your pocket. They might break or even get scratches on the lenses.



It is always wise to keep an extra pair of spectacles stash away some place where you can easily find it when needed. You can also take your extra pair of eyeglasses when going for a vacation. Keep a less expensive or less stylish pair of spectacles just for emergencies if your old pair gets lost or broken.

Always know your prescription details or have a written copy of the prescription that you got from your eye doctor or optometrist. Having an extra copy of your prescription would also help you to purchase a new pair or an extra pair of spectacles, or you can simply log on to Goggles4u to purchase High Quality Prescription Eyeglasses for your ease.