Sunglasses Science: How Lens Tints Deliver Different Benefits To Your Vision?  

There are numerous points to which taking the sunglasses becomes inevitable. Especially, when we’re taking a stroll under the sunlight, driving to work or vacationing at sun-dappled scenarios. The inventive technology to shade up your lenses and improve your viewing experience is worth appreciating. Not just for styles - the science behind using certain tints on your glasses takes a long road of coherent facts and figures. Be it the brick and mortar or eyewear superstores online, a plethora of customers still want sunglass tints induced to their prescription glasses. It’s about seeing good and looking good with prescription or non prescription sunglasses. Read how various tint shades differ in delivering the vision benefits to your eyewear.

 Grey Lens Tints

1 - The “Jack of All Trades” Grey Lens Tints:

When it comes to the assortment of the best lens tints, grey lens color rings the most resounding bells. It’s true that grey lenses are one of the most famously worn color tints on prescription or non-prescription sunglasses. According to optometrists, the grey tint offers a color-neutral viewing output and is ideal for driving sprees and sports. This color shields your vision against the unwanted blight glares and keeps the colors that you see undistorted, simultaneously. The grey lens tint is supreme in its existence with a number of sports-friendly characteristics.

Orange Lens Tints

2 - The “Color-Coordinating” Orange Lens Tints:

If you are stoked about buying lenses that offer color-coordination then orange lens tint with a flick of amber will perfect your vision. The color orange in sunglasses has skyrocketed to matchless popularity  and more and more glass-wear stylists are using orange/amber tone to design rakish sunglasses. The orange lens tints offer exceptional color enhancement and are of great use in warm countries where the sun doesn’t leave for days. However, some extraordinarily brightened colors may also distort your vision, so choose mildly orange tinted sunglasses.

 Green Lens Tint

3 - The “Suited For Driving” Green Lens Tints:

Green lens tints are a part of fashion bandwagon with their dull yet sophisticated color type.  Built to stomp outdoor glares, the green lens tints offer immense visual depth to partake road trips with ease. This lens tint is suited for driving and is your driving companion with assurance on establishing a clear vision. The green lens tint, be it on prescription glasses or regular sunglasses, doesn’t blur the road signs or create boulevard hindrances with its dull color. Moreover, this color is uni-sex for its ability to handle outdoor and indoor challenges with equal eloquence.