Which type of Lens Material should be used for Rimless Eyeglasses Frames?

Rimless Eyeglasses are most popular among more serious and intellectual type of personalities because of their flexibility, lightweight, airy and the invisible frame lens look which makes you feel as if your are wearing nothing heavy to bother you while seeing things.



Rimless Eyeglasses frames lack the bulky lens encircling frame which gives more visual access to the face. But with the lack of encircling round the lens, they are much exposed to damage as compared with full rimmed or half rimmed eyeglasses frames. As a result, rimless eyeglasses frames rely on the type of material used in the manufacturing of the lenses. The factors which count for the durability and stability for rimless eyeglasses so that they could be used for a long time are the stability and thickness of the lens material.


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Stability is linked with the durability of the material used to make lenses, standard plastic and glass material are usually used in full rimmed or semi rimmed eyeglasses but are not suitable for rimless frames as they are not that impact resistant and are likely to break if dropped or sat upon.






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Another factor which comes into play for rimless eyeglasses is the thickness of the lens material. As stronger prescriptions always require more material to incorporate. They also require more of a curve in the lenses.







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To address such issues, polycarbonate or plastic is adequate enough as they are highly impact resistant and are able to withstand the vulnerability of breaking down when dropped. They are also lighter than standard plastic.





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To address the issue of the thickness of the lens and to incorporate high prescriptions, it is recommended to switch to high index plastic material as it allows optical powers and may reduce edges enough to make them viable in a rimless style. All High index materials weigh less than standard materials as they are light enough to fit into a rimless frame. At Goggles4u, you can easily avail such lens attributes for your rimless eyeglasses frames. If you have any more queries regarding lens material for your rimless eyeglasses frames, you can always ask our 24/7 Live Help Support to answer your queries.