Refund & Exchange Policy

If you're not satisfied with the new pair of eyeglasses that you've just purchased or received, don't be hesitant about getting back to us to discuss what can be done to fix the problem.

1)       If an item that has a manufacturer's defect, such as a frame that breaks because of a weak solder joint or breaks during the transit.

As a reputable store we will have no problem offering you a replacement, as we stand behind our products and will replace your eyeglasses.


2)       The prescription clearly is wrong, due to:


  1. a. A mistake in how your eyes were measured and prescription entered.

In this case, EyeglassesPK will not be held responsible. We will for sure resolve the issue. You can contact us to avail extra discount on further orders in order to minimize loses.

  1. b. The lenses were fabricated.

We are ready to take the complete responsibility of a pair that is not delivered as per the order. We will replace your glasses immediately once the verification process is completed. Your satisfaction means a lot to us.


3)       What if you just don't like your new glasses?

If the prescription is satisfactory, then being unhappy with the glasses can mean a number of things such as:

  • The eyewear is too heavy, causing your glasses to constantly slip down your nose.
  • The frames and possibly the lenses are unflattering.
  • You simply made a poor choice in style — a mistake we probably all have made.

Within a specified time frame — typically 7 to 10 days from the date of receiving, you can receive a partial refund or a store credit so you can find something more to your liking.



4)       The received merchandise got damaged in few days.

Within 7 to 10 days of receipt, you can always get back to us and your issue will be resolved in best possible manner.



5)        Above policies are applicable on designer eyewear too?

No. On return of designer frames a restocking fee of PAK Rs. 300.00 will be charged per frame in addition to partial or full refund.



6)       My designer or re-lensing pair is having prescription or quality issues.

We are ready to re-do your pair accordingly once the verification process is completed.


7)       When am I eligible for full refund?

You can always ask for full refund in case of a prescription issue, damaged pair received, lost in transit or the ordered goods were not as per your order. For refund, you need to send us the received pair on your own cost and confirm us the carrier with the tracking number.


8)       What do I do to have partial refund?

Partial refund will be half price of the lenses + full frames price excluding the discounts availed and the shipping you have paid. The pair should be returned in order to be eligible for partial refund.


9)       What precaution do I need to take when sending my pair for re-lensing?

It is very rare but sometime the frame received for re-lensing from the customer is damaged under production or lost. In such cases EyeglassesPK will only accommodate by paying PAK Rs. 500.00 to the customer and no further claims will be entertained.


10)   Whom do I contact?

You can always contact us via live chat, phone number, i.e. 021-3432-7507 and email at



Points to Ponder:

  • All issues need to be reported in 7 to 10 days of the receipt.
  • We might require a scanned copy of your original prescription or a few pictures of the frames for verification and our records.
  • In case of either partial or full refund, customer is responsible for return shipment.
  • Designer pairs follow different policy as compared to the regular ones.
  • Conditions apply on glasses purchased in promotions.