Progressive Eyeglasses

What Are Progressive EyeGlasses?

The progressive eyeglasses entail a three-way solution for your blurred and distorted vision. This progressive-friendly eyeglass fixes our vision deficiencies through a single lens that offer Distance, Intermediate and Reading vision ranges. The progressive eyeglasses are no-line bifocals which exemplifies their seamless lens shape that incorporates mainstream eyesight solutions.Empowered with a three-distanced range, the progressive glasses have a wider vision span compared to the bi-focal glasses that use two focal-lengths for Distance and Reading. Quite simply, the main reason behind using the progressive eyeglasses is their potential of having a multi-focal lens with no visible segment. The progressive eyeglass best deliver precision with errands, reading, driving and using multimedia which eradicates the need of having more than a pair. Explore our fresh catalogue of rakishly designed frames and order progressive eyeglasses here.


In most cases, PD value ranges from 57 to 65 mm, with the most common one being 63 mm. At times you will find PD written as 63/61. In such cases the first value is for Distance PD which may be entered while placing order and the other value 61 is near PD. Repeat this process a couple of times to ensure you have an accurate measurement. Read More


The Benefits of Progressive Eyeglasses:

  1.  The progressive eyeglasses enable the ‘see at all distances’ sight with Reading, Intermediate and Distance ranges.
  2.  Based on prescription – the progressive eyeglasses can be engineered for Reading and Distance only.
  3.  Find hundreds of irresistibly stylish frame that are compatible with the lens used in progressive eyeglasses.
  4.  The progressive eyeglasses are thin, powerful and deliver precision without a visible lens line.
  5.  The progressive eyeglasses present great vision support to old people as well as the young individuals.
  6.  80% of the rectangle, oval and square frames are liable to be changed into the progressive eyeglasses.

2. Find The Perfect Frame Size

When purchasing a new pair of eyeglasses, you must note down the frame measurements from the old spectacles if they accurately fit well. It is very vital to know that these sizes are printed on the inside behind the nose bridge of your eyeglass temples area. Read More

Choosing The Right Frame:

With hundreds of spectacular frames onboard – choosing the right one is as important as empowering our vision with three-ranges with a prescription eyeglass. There are frames that depict different sizes altogether and are still progressive-friendly. However – the lens height should be 28MM and for aged individuals, it should be 36MM or less to fix the frame exceptionally well. We recommend using the frames with shorter corridors as sometimes; an insufficient lens height blocks the reading portion


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