New Year, New Me: Buy Fresh & Fancy Pairs at Eyeglasses PK

We believe that fashion is like water and it keeps flowing from one interlude to another without the assurance of reverting to the limelight. Likewise, 2019 is sparkling on the horizon with a “New Year, New Me” chants from the world of eyewear. Understanding that your glasses are a mix and match of vision correction and style coordination, it’s essential catch up with 2019’s fresh and fancy pairs at Eyeglasses PK. Another unparallel benefit of buying glasses online at Eyeglasses PK is the discount prices. Explore the two-fold benefit by ordering a pair. Add new year’s glee and embrace forthcoming styles at Eyeglasses PK.


Made with high-end plastic and metal, the new 127050-C BROWLINE EYEGLASSES corresponds with the new year’s vibe in two dazzling colors. This frame offers an iconic browline frame style with gold-shining rivets and smooth capped temple arms. The 127050-C BROWLINE EYEGLASSES delivers a comfy contour with silicon nose-pads. Get this frame in Brown-Silver & Black-Gold.  


 2.     127936-C SQUARE EYEGLASSES:

The 127936-C SQUARE EYEGLASSES sets out in the fresh breeze of fashion of 2019 with an artistically bold forefront and subtle temples. This frame exhibits a riveting square frame shape with bright fancy hinges that complement rest of the structure. The 127936-C SQUARE EYEGLASSES offers a light facial sensation and a perfect contour with Green-Gold and Tortoise-Gold colors.


 3.     128554-C ROUND EYEGLASSES:

The 128554-C ROUND EYEGLASSES is another feelgood frame with a blazing tortoise-shell diffusion that sets all things on fire. This frame offers a new approach towards the tortoise-patterned glasses and maintains sleekness with the metal presence. The 128554-C ROUND EYEGLASSES is a “one frame that does wonder” over all your outfits: especially your weekend attire.



In the first quarter, 2019 has startled us with coolest new frame shapes and frame styles. One of them is 128719-C RECTANGLE EYEGLASSES, which is rectangular yet winged out and has a 1/1 frame shape in the eyewear world. This frame offers an artistically designed nose-bridge that perfectly contours your face and moderately bold eye lenses. The new 128719-C RECTANGLE EYEGLASSES creates a pointed look with sharp upswept corners and sleek temples.


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