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The notion of wearing designer glasses is haunted with a stigma that it leads to spendthrift results and break our bank. At to some extent - it may be true: since various designer brands want to make a fortune out of their sale without acknowledging the deflated buying power on globular terms. It is indeed our responsibility to align with the budget and wear glasses that stand out. Is it achievable? Only by exploring the latest collection of dazzling designer eyeglasses at This luxurious collection is made solely for fashion-savvy glass-wearers and include glasses by Morel, Meme, Spine and Yohji Yamamoto. Wear designer glasses, today.

 MOREL 7744L Glasses:

1 - Sleek & Sophisticated - MOREL 7744L Glasses:

The minimalism in 7744L by Morel is parallel to the french heritage where art forms up out of simplistic colors. Exhibiting a rectangle shape, this frame is a constant miracle for those who luxuriate the sleek & sophisticated frames. The speciality of MOREL 7744L Glassesis is in the barlike upper accents, available in Orange and Blue. Order MOREL 7744L Glasses at

Buy Morel 2114M Glasses

2 - Round & Profound - MOREL 2114M Glasses:

This dark and round bulging frame portrays another inventive design choice in the eyewear hemisphere. The MOREL 2114M Glasses creates a bulging effect with the wide-ranging look for our face. Engineered with top quality plastic, the MOREL 2114M Glasses offers a revamped look for cat eyes in a circular form. This frame welcomes sleekness seeping in with temple arms.

Dual Color Blaze - MOREL 7756L Glasses

3 - Dual Color Blaze - MOREL 7756L Glasses:

The clearest Indication of the timeless designer glasses is its blazing color combination that excites outfits. Acquire the new MOREL 7756L Glasses with squared finesse and contrasted hues on the front. The new MOREL 7756L Glasses adds more seasonal glamour to your attendance with summer-jam essence. This frame is light and maintains face comfort with its soft, ample nose-pads.

Regal Black Eminence - MEME 1002 Glasses

 4 - Regal Black Eminence - MEME 1002 Glasses: 

MEME’s name is widely echoed in the world of premium designer eyeglasses. Their latest unveiling named MEME 1002 Glasses. Exhibiting the regular square shape, the new frame offers regal black eminence to regale our outfits with. This frame is light, shiny and offers comfort amidst simplicity. The MEME 1002 Glasses is hailed as a ‘go-to’ designer frame for 4 season antiques.