Which new style is kicking in today, your hunt for the latest fashion begins now !

Let’s face it, fashion and style are never temporarily or permanent. It keeps on changing with time, trend, choices or people’s perspective. The fashion eyewear industry keeps on bringing in new designs and styles for eyeglasses that you are bound to change your present style of spectacles for fashion, style, features or even color. With such fast adaptability with fashion trends and to keep up with the latest fashion, Goggles4u can ease off some pressure from you to help you select some of the latest fashion in eyewear according to your taste in style or personality.



These styles in spectacles would sure inspire your preference in clothing wardrobe and your personality characteristics.

Your Tradition Rectangular frames

Classic rectangular frames are always on the list for the latest trend in eyewear fashion as they are simple, trendy and make you look unique for that intellectual smart look. These dark bold rectangular spectacles sure are an ideal choice for people who prefer simplicity and elegance over bold style and glamour. Goggles4u also offers bold stylish rectangular frames to add a little glamour and color for your style.

Take a look on these rectangular frames which can match up to your personality standards.


Goggles4u offers Cavallo eyeglasses frame at no cost where you would only have to pay for the lenses only. This Cavallo rectangular eyeglasses frame is available in TR90 Superlight material in a color combination of black and green.



This Diconi eyeglasses frame is ideal for those who prefer simplicity over fashion. This simple rectangular eyeglasses frame is best choice for managers and executives who like simple design.



This Subarashii bold black frames which are most suitable for old or senior people. This frame also is a choice for those people who like black for their color choice.


Bold funky look

These stylish funky spectacles are most preferred by those people who want to add just a little style, glamour and color with their personality type. Some people can use just a little color in their life.



Elegance eyeglasses frame in attractive funky bold color combination of black and white. This eyeglasses frame is available in TR90 superlight material at no cost where you would only have to pay for the lenses.




Adding attractive designs patterns on the temples, Inspire and Cavallo eyeglasses frames sure do add detail for their striking look in eyewear fashion. With such funky design pattern and TR90 superlight material, these eyeglasses are just perfect for your choice.


The Ladies look


Enough talk about men eyewear fashion, lets talk about the exquisite eyewear fashion style for women. Check out these exclusive designer eyewear glasses from Nicole Miller for women



Starting with the simple elegant Eye-Rish Girl by Nicole Miller in just £29.99 sure does make it a hit choice for fashion lovers out there.



Nicole Miller also brings this exquisite tortoise shell color eyeglasses frame in just £29.99. Order this stylish tortoise shell color eyeglasses at Goggles4u in Amber Plum color detail.





Bon Voyage and Edgy, both stylish hit designs in eyewear fashion by the designer brand Nicole Miller. Order these exclusive stylish eyeglasses at Goggles4u in just £39.99.


The Eye Cat Look

When talking about women eyewear fashion, who can forget about the cat eye look. Check out these two amazing eyeglasses designs from Elegant and Tresar in Cat Eye look for women.





Order these attractively simple yet stylish eyeglasses at Goggles4u at no cost.


Our last eyeglasses frame for women. This eyeglasses frame from elegant designer brand is yet again a simple eyewear look for the ladies who love simplicity over too much fashion and style.


Exclusively for Men

Our Last eyeglasses designer wear frame from Gianni Po. It sure is a attractive look in tortoise shell color for men available at Goggles4u.