Photochromic lenses offer a new take on the men’s and women's eyeglasses lenses as they darken in the sunlight and turn to normal in an indoor setting. These lenses ensure that we use the same pair of glasses to protect our eyes from the UV rays in the day time and maintain a clear vision when we are home.

Photochromic lenses are ideal for people who wish to use a single pair of glasses for all occasions with wide availability in all frame styles and lens types. The self-transforming tinted prescription glasses provide a new value to your eyewear experience by shielding your vision from the harmful UVA and UVB sun-glares and using its high-end changing technology to maintain a clear-cut vision for your eyes in any lighting condition.


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1) Can we add Photochromic Lenses to any frame style in any size?
Yes. We can add Photochromic Lenses to any frame style. Visit
2) How much time does it take for the photochromic lenses to change colors?
It depends on the intensity of the light when you're outdoor. However, it gradually begins to change and then completely turns dark. Likewise, for the indoor settings, the glasses gradually turn clear.
3) Are Photochromic Glasses good for the Summer & Winter Vision Problems?
Yes - it works for both scenarios since Summers & Winters share intensified UV rays when we're having an outdoor commute.
4) How can we order the photochromic glasses at
Simply choose a frame, select lenses and add "Photochromic Lenses" from the "Lens Types" and wear your next pair of photocromic glasses.

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